The Importance of Being Social and Making Friends in College                                                              

When attending college, most people look at it as a time to prepare for their career. However, it is also a time to explore socially and meet the friends of a lifetime: You cannot and should not spend your entire time studying in books because the students who often succeed in academics will also have an easier time socially.


For example, when you feel stressed, a social life will provide relief that lets you return to your studies without feeling stressed. If you are someone with Asperger syndrome, ADHD or other developmental disabilities, this becomes especially important, but it can be hard for these students to adapt socially. Luckily, there are higher education disability services that can assist students to make that transition. When you socialize, you will receive more from the experience at college.


College offers students endless opportunities to grow and get involved. Learning takes place inside and outside the classroom. When you are involved, it builds a community on the college campus. Because many students left their friends and family behind, participating in activities will allow you to create new friendships and find people who share common interests and goals. In addition, this can help you to discover your strengths and passions. Have you gone to college without knowing the career path you want to follow? Socializing at college can help.


Socializing can also help you to build your resume. Even freshman year should not be considered too soon to position yourself for your future career. Oftentimes, the fraternities and sororities provide you with more than the opportunity to socialize and party. You see, every organization like this will be dedicated to a specific mission or purpose, biology for example. If you are considering a career as a marine biologist, your employer will see that you are a member of that fraternity, and you will have increased your chances of being hired. A lot of members report that belonging to a sorority or fraternity is the most rewarding experience of belonging to a college.


Another benefit of making friends in college? You will remember your college years as some of the best years of your life. When you are trying to find your niche on the college campus, sometimes it is easier said than done. If you are someone who struggles to make friends because of a disability, you may want to consider a transition services for special education. This type of service can help you to connect with an amazing group of people.


What are some of the best ways to get involved on a campus? First, use the campus resources. You will often find this information in the office or at the university website, but the majority of campuses will offer an involvement center that lists the activities because involved students create a positive environment that helps colleges to thrive. Second, try everything at least once. Reach beyond your comfort zone and look for different groups. While you may not think the engineering society is for you, college gives you the chance to explore new possibilities.

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