Student Testimonials:

“Steve was great. He respected me and looked out for me, even helping me land my current job!”

Gerald F.

Somerset, NJ

“Stephen Motto has greatly helped me in professional and group related work in my time on campus.  Additionally he has helped me in successfully finding summer jobs.” 

Mark D.

Sandwich, MA

“I’ve definitely grown in my interactions with people because of Steve.  He talks with me about any of my concerns, usually social or academic and how to deal with them.”  

Luke B.

Troy NY

“I attend the social skills group in Utica.  Josh has helped me to make new friends that like the same things I do.  Talking to my professors has become more enjoyable too!” 

Luke B. Henry G.

Utica, NY

“Steve has seen me through the darkest days in my undergraduate program, and through the tunnel into the light of my graduate studies. As I prepare to apply for the doctoral program, I reflect on Steve’s uncanny knack for filling in my cognitive blanks. I sometimes can fix the world’s problems, but break down when I need to articulate my own needs. Emotionally, I deplete and my cognition slows down to a halt. When Steve works remotely with me and reviews my assigned work, he finds a way to prompt me so that my words actually emerge in the way I intended my thoughts to be framed. This feels like he is single-handedly plucking out the cotton balls that starve my brain of much needed neurotypical intuition. Steve empowers me in my work, which in turn makes me proud to be the professional I am today”. 

Annie K.

San Francisco, CA

Parent Testimonials:

“Steve worked with my son at the age of 30.  He is high functioning autistic, with several college degrees.  Steve worked with my son to increase his self-esteem and attitude.  He also helped with my son’s job search and led him to the correct contacts and intern programs.  My son stated that Steve was the first person who was male and near his age that could understand his mindset and could relate.”  

Catherine B.

Topsail Beach, NC

“Since working with Steve, our son is invested in school like never before.” 

Mary Ann K.

Hamlin, NY

“Since entering the program we have noticed a significant increase in our child’s maturity, time management and decision making skills.”  

Virginia L.

New York, NY

“My child is now able to take tests in the classroom and has grown into a very successful student academically. Learning how to confront anxiety was the key!!” 

Deborah R.

Hyde Park, NY

Faculty/Staff Testimonials:

“As a tutor for this program, I very much felt that Stephen Motto had an excellent handle on the needs of his students and worked hard to help the students be successful at all levels. Not only did he identify tutors for the students to work with, he monitored the students-tutor relationship, he regularly met with the students and discussed time management and other issues.  He also balanced this involvement with the need for the students to grow and demonstrate the ability to manage their own development.”  

Mariah H, Tutor/Associate Professor, Troy NY

Tutor/Associate Professor, Troy NY

“The CUSP Program is one of the obscure resources entirely devoted toward preparing students with Asperger’s syndrome for the often-difficult transition to college life.  The program deals with deficiencies related to executive functioning skills, self-advocacy, organization, structuring an abundance of free time, and the typical attitudes that can spoil one’s college experience.”  

J. Saperstein

Author, Autism advocate and motivational speaker, Pleasant Valley NY

“Steve and the CUSP experts address the unique needs of each student. They understand that there is no “one-size fits all” approach when it comes to transitioning students from high school to college.”  

M. Richards

Transition Specialist, Syracuse NY


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