Spring 2015 Semester in Review:

To begin I have to say that this semester has been the most successful in the short history of CUSP Educational Services! We had 10 students enrolled in individualized coaching services for graduate and undergraduate programs in five distinct colleges across three states. At times this demographic was tricky to manage however….

• All 10 students have selected classes and are enrolled for the fall 2015 semester, thus our retention rate for the semester is 100%!

• But it gets even better ☺ …

• While some grades are not finalized out of the 10 CUSP clients, 9 students look to have earned a spot on their school’s Dean’s List, which is truly remarkable!

• A CUSP client has been awarded internship position at the IBM facility in Fishkill NY.

• A CUSP client will be going to the University of Alabama Birmingham to partake in material engineering research for the summer.

• One of the local CUSP clients will be interviewing this week for a Service Coordinator position at a local non-profit here in the Albany area.

• CUSP students have written a proposal for new laws in New York State regarding communication support services. The bill is expected to go into effect by the end of 2015.

• CUSP’s west coast client is currently collaborating with Temple Grandin on a new book scheduled for publishing by the end of the calendar year.

• CUSP’s Social Skills Groups in Troy and Utica NY have seen the highest rates of attendance in the group’s history. Students at the two schools are making friendships and connections to area resources that should last well beyond graduation. It also looks that the Social Skills Groups will be expanding to other local colleges for the fall 2015 semester.

• This was the first semester having CUSP interns. We were fortunate enough to work with students in the Business program at SUNY Albany to help with our social media and marketing efforts. Our keyword rankings are up significantly and we now have our own Twitter account, Google + account and YouTube channel!! If anyone has suggestions on what to put on these sites please feel free to send us your ideas.

• I am positive that I am leaving out many other triumphs (both big and small) and to the clients and families reading this please forgive me.

I have been involved in this type of coaching for several years and I can say without a doubt that the reasons for all of these successes is because each student/client was invested in reaching their individualized goals. Whether the goal was to make friends, find internships or earn an “A” in Organic Chemistry, all of the students bought into the CUSP philosophy and worked daily on the small successes that evolve into huge accomplishments. It has been a pleasure to be involved in the process this semester. The CUSP staff and I am truly humbled and blessed to do the work that we do and to assist students in strengthening their unique skills needed for a successful college experience and success after graduation! Thank you to all of the students, families, campus faculty, and other professionals to help make this semester the success that is was!!!

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