CUSP Educational Services enhances traditional instruction and accommodations by providing individualized coaching and mentoring services to improve organizational skills, social interactions, self-advocacy, and effective communication. CUSP staff believes in the potential of all students and are capable to assist with the progressions from elementary school through college. We develop specific and unique plans for both students and professionals to help maximize learning potential.


This is achieved in part through:

Aspergers Support Services Albany NY

Experienced Staff Involvement

CUSP team members are highly educated and trained to assist students of all ages.  We meet with each enrolled student twice a week to address personal and academic goals.  During these meetings students develop personalized strategies to manage their scholastic experiences successfully.


Autism College Support Service

Developing Positive Connections

CUSP helps students develop and maintain positive relationships with teachers, counselors, advisors, professors, Disability Resource Services, peers, and other school staff. Many of these relationships carry on past graduation.

Special Education Transition Services

Utilizing Various Resources


CUSP encourages students to advocate themselves and access existing resources such as: student health centers, counseling, residence life, tutoring, writing centers, campus organizations and clubs, and career centers.

Autism College Support Services in Albany, NY

Autism is a Neuro-developmental disorder that typically presents itself as impairment in social interaction, verbal and nonverbal communication, and by repetitive behaviors. It is a diagnostic requirement that symptoms be present before a child turns three. Autism affects how the brain process information by changing how the cells in the brain and their connections are organized. How this happens is not clear. Autism College Support Services Albany, NY

Autistic children typically will benefit from assistance in their education and social interaction. CUSP specializes in developing plans and working with parents and educators to most effectively increase an individual’s potential to learn and interact. If educators, support staff, and family are all working together then it is possible to greatly increase the potential of an individual’s future.

Aspergers Support Services in Albany NY

Aspergers syndrome is an autism spectrum disorder that presents difficulty with social interaction and nonverbal cues. It is different from other autism spectrum disorders as it does not effect language or cognitive developments. Aspergers Support Services Albany, NYDue to the differences in responses to social situations it is typical for individuals with aspergers to require additional assistance in their education. Every case of aspergers is unique and will require varying degrees of support. CUSP Educational Services approaches every client as unique and varies in needed support. Support techniques such as effectively mapping out a stable and predictable schedule where the student feels comfortable, helps diminish any distress. We have found that doing this helps students overcome both educational and social difficulties. CUSP works tirelessly to ensure that each client develops manageable techniques for classroom learning as well as becoming more content with his or her quality of life. With our coaching methods students overcome many educational and social difficulties to be better prepared for college life and beyond.

ADD & ADHD College Support Services in Albany, NY

ADD & ADHD College Support Services Albany, NY

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) is a neurological based developmental disorder featuring inattention in individuals and having trouble focusing. The combination of short attention span and distractibility, allows a student to miss vital information in the classroom. Surrounding environmental noises and distraction from ones own thoughts takes away from the ability to retain knowledge. Symptoms such as “zoning out”, wandering attention, and what can be perceived as poor listening skills can have a direct effect on one’s success in the classroom as well as life outside of school.

  CUSP Educational Services aids by helping the student figure out which learning style is best for them to overcome these difficulties. This style of coaching allows the student to take ownership of how they decide to manage their life. This “empower and modeling” approach has been successful with several CUSP students and has led to increased focus, communication, happiness and understanding of self.   If you would like to learn more please contact CUSP Educational Services today for a consultation and strategy outline.

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is the most commonly diagnosed learning disorder within children. It is a neurological disorder closely associated with impulsivity, hyperactivity and difficulty paying attention. Symptoms involving these disorders range from mild to severe and are mainly dependent on the individual’s environment and neurological biology.   Such difficulties to focus can take away from learning and create a lack of interest in many academic settings.   CUSP Educational Services works closely with clients diagnosed with ADHD and develop different ways to make learning fun and effective making it easier for students to absorb and retain information. By understanding how an individual prefers to learn, a more enjoyable learning atmosphere is created. In a specialized learning environment students increase their attention, focus, and enjoyment of learning.   Contact CUSP Educational Services for more information on services pertaining to ADHD!

Overcoming Executive Functioning Disorder

Executive functions are central processes necessary for giving organization and order to our actions and behavior, as well as using past information to complete a present problem. It is an umbrella term for the cognitive neurological skills needed for self-regulation and control. Essentially they contribute to help us achieve goals. Executive function skills are helpful in planning, organizing, prioritizing, starting a task and paying attention. It has been argued that executive functioning is more important to humans than I.Q. scores.  Those with an executive function disorder may find it difficult to carry out these tasks, in addition to having trouble controlling their own behavior.   Overcoming Executive Functioning Disorder Albany, NY Executive function allows us to:

  • Make plans
  • Keep track of time and finish work on time
  • Keep track of more than one thing at a time
  • Meaningfully include past knowledge in discussions
  • Evaluate ideas and reflect on work
  • Ask for help or seek more information when needed
  • Engage in group dynamics
  • Wait to speak until called on

  CUSP Educational Services specializes in executive functioning issues. Our priority is to help the student achieve a pathway to higher education by adapting a unique form of learning beneficial to that individual. We use literally countless techniques from making checklists, setting time limits, making the most of the technology in our lives and other specialized strategies that are aimed to have a positive effect. Our professionals are well equipped to develop a specific and fluid coaching plan for each client.  Please contact CUSP today for more information on coaching plans detailed to address executive function difficulties.