CUSP Educational Services enhances traditional instruction and accommodations by providing individualized coaching and mentoring services to improve organizational skills, social interactions, self-advocacy, and effective communication. CUSP staff believes in the potential of all students and are capable to assist with the progressions from elementary school through college. We develop specific and unique plans for both students and professionals to help maximize learning potential.


This is achieved in part through:

Aspergers Support Services Albany NY

Experienced Staff Involvement

CUSP team members are highly educated and trained to assist students of all ages.  We meet with each enrolled student twice a week to address personal and academic goals.  During these meetings students develop personalized strategies to manage their scholastic experiences successfully.


Autism College Support Service

Developing Positive Connections

CUSP helps students develop and maintain positive relationships with teachers, counselors, advisors, professors, Disability Resource Services, peers, and other school staff. Many of these relationships carry on past graduation.

Special Education Transition Services

Utilizing Various Resources


CUSP encourages students to advocate themselves and access existing resources such as: student health centers, counseling, residence life, tutoring, writing centers, campus organizations and clubs, and career centers.