There is no question that going away to college is a life-changing experience for any young person. However, for individuals with special needs, it can seem to be a bit out of reach. This does not have to be the case. Any student, with the help of special education transition services can attend college and be successful. Some ways they can prepare for this transition are highlighted here.

Create Strong Network of Support

It is important for high school students to work closely with the school personnel in order to determine how much support they will need when going to college. The support system should include the resident advisor, academic liaison, tutor, mentor and even staff psychologist if needed.

Consider the Different Living Arrangements

Many people who have special needs have their schedules managed by their parents. When attending college, this will all change. They are now going to be in charge of managing their very own schedule, including staying organized, paying bills and turning in their homework on time.

Visit the Potential Schools

When there are just a few school options you have in mind, then you should take the time to visit the programs during campus tours or during an open house. This will allow you to get a feel for the campus, the staff and the other students. Take some time to get to know the disability services that are offered, as well. While you may have to take some time to track these services down, they are offered and you can easily find them with a bit of digging.

Make Arrangements for Additional Help and Tutoring

Most students who have special needs will need additional tutoring or some type of supervised study session in order to ensure their successful academic progress. They can utilize the services of other students who are acting as tutors or mentors; however, in most cases it will be a better idea to work with a professional educator. Supervised study halls can be extremely beneficial for students with special needs and help them in taking clear notes and fully understanding the assignments they are given.
College is not an unreachable destination for students with special needs. However, it will take a bit of additional help and preparation. The tips here can help students with special needs reach all of their higher education goals.