Overcoming Executive Functioning Disorder

Executive functions are central processes necessary for giving organization and order to our actions and behavior, as well as using past information to complete a present problem. It is an umbrella term for the cognitive neurological skills needed for self-regulation and control. Essentially they contribute to help us achieve goals. Executive function skills are helpful in planning, organizing, prioritizing, starting a task and paying attention. It has been argued that executive functioning is more important to humans than I.Q. scores.  Those with an executive function disorder may find it difficult to carry out these tasks, in addition to having trouble controlling their own behavior.


Overcoming Executive Functioning Disorder Albany, NY

Executive function allows us to:

  • Make plans
  • Keep track of time and finish work on time
  • Keep track of more than one thing at a time
  • Meaningfully include past knowledge in discussions
  • Evaluate ideas and reflect on work
  • Ask for help or seek more information when needed
  • Engage in group dynamics
  • Wait to speak until called on


CUSP Educational Services specializes in executive functioning issues. Our priority is to help the student achieve a pathway to higher education by adapting a unique form of learning beneficial to that individual. We use literally countless techniques from making checklists, setting time limits, making the most of the technology in our lives and other specialized strategies that are aimed to have a positive effect. Our professionals are well equipped to develop a specific and fluid coaching plan for each client.  Please contact CUSP today for more information on coaching plans detailed to address executive function difficulties.