Your family has a tough decision to make when your child heads off to college. There are four-year schools that offer a Bachelor’s degree, but you may choose an Associate’s degree if your child wants to take a less rigorous program to start college. Choosing between these programs depends on the college transition services you choose, the colleges themselves and the course of study your child prefers. This article explores the degree program choice process for your child, and you will learn more about how your child can choose the right program.

#1: Bachelor’s Degree

Your child needs a Bachelor’s degree when they wish to go on to graduate school or work a job that requires some sort of certification. Pushing your child to get a Bachelor’s degree is only a good idea if you know that your child wants to go on to a career that requires the degree. The prospect of a four-year program can be daunting for your child, but it is better for your child to get the degree out of the way while they are still young.

College support services for students with disabilities can be used to help your child get through all four years of the program, and your child will have consistent support during school. Do not force your child to get a four-year degree when there are other options. Consider what a child with anxiety or major learning disabilities could do with a shorter degree program.

#2: Associate’s Degree

An Associate’s degree is a two-year program that helps people get certified in certain fields, continue on to a Bachelor’s degree or get a job that only requires a two-year degree. Your child may start with a job that requires a two-year degree, and your child can work their way through the rest of their four-year degree. The Associate’s Degree offers a sense of accomplishment that your child can use to continue on in school. Any child who is nervous about school in general may use the two-year degree to get the confidence they need.

#3: Choosing The Right School

Choosing the right school with your child is just as important as the degree they will pursue. You may choose a school that offers two-year degrees, but you must be certain that your child may complete their Bachelor’s degree at the same school. Continuity for your child is very important, and you should avoid two-year schools unless your child only wants to get a two-year degree. There are several different schools out there for your children, and you must look over each school to ensure your child would be happy there. You do not choose a school based on the name. You choose the school based on what it offers your child.

There are many ways to help your child get their education after high school, and the transition to college need not be scary. You can help your child choose between a Bachelor’s degree and an Associate’s degree that will help them find the job of their dreams.


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