Curriculum Development

CUSP offers unique curriculum development to help students and their staff achieve their maximum potential. Everyone responds to instruction differently. Even the most experienced professionals can, at times, have trouble adapting their teaching style to the needs of their students.Curriculum Development

CUSP works with students, staff  and families to create an effective curriculum allowing students to thrive more and struggle less. Some students benefit most from unique strategies to best comprehend new material.  Our curriculum has been effectively implemented in diverse teaching environments.  Some of the CUSP curriculum topics include:


  • Time Management Techniques
  • Behavior Management Techniques
  • Online Communication
  • Cyber Bullying
  • Personal Boundaries
  • The Different Types of Relationships
  • The History of ADA
  • Self-Advocacy on any level
  • The Hygiene Routine
  • Math for the Senses


Our highly trained professionals are able to modify existing curriculum to the changing needs of your classroom, school or home. Contact CUSP today for more information!