College & University Support Services


CUSP recognizes each student has their own unique set of skills and that strengths and weaknesses can vary dramatically. Therefore, CUSP services are specifically designed to address social, organization and communication needs and helps students develop individualized strategies to manage their college careers independently and successfully.


College Coaching Services NYIndividualized Sessions in Person or via Remote Support

CUSP professional staff work alongside each student twice-weekly for up to 60 minutes each session.  Meetings address predetermined personal and academic goals and are the foundation for assisting students develop individualized strategies for managing various areas of college life.  Remote supports are also available.  Please contact CUSP for more details.

Behavioral Consultation NYWeekly Social Skill Groups

CUSP services include weekly group sessions on campus. During group sessions students are taught the importance of strong social and self-advocation skills. They are then given the opportunity to practice these skills with CUSP staff and their fellow peers.  Weekly social skill groups are open to all campus students.

College Transition Programs

Transition to Graduate School and Employment

CUSP staff prides themselves on establishing a strong community presence.​​  We have developed positive ties with many local and national companies.  CUSP students have ample opportunities to visit local businesses in their field of interest.  CUSP offers resume critiques, “60 second sells” and video taped mock interviews so students can study body language and formulate strategies to obtain meaningful employment after graduation.

ADHD College Support Services

High School and College​ Trainings Workshops and Support Groups

CUSP understands that a proactive approach to education is beneficial to not just students and parents but also high schools and higher education institutions. CUSP staff is able to provide trainings and Workshops for professionals in the education field as well as for high school students preparing for college. Please contact CUSP for more details regarding trainings, workshops, and preparation classes in your area.

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