Round 2 of the Marshmallow Challenge presented by CUSP

This week CUSP had the pleasure of being involved with the SUNY Polytechnic Institute’s second round of Freshmen Orientation. In the morning I had the pleasure to welcome over 220 incoming students from around the world, ready and excited to begin their college careers. The goal in greeting the students was simple: welcome them to the college and let them all know that CUSP services are available on their campus providing social skills support and individualized academic coaching. The crowd was larger than I expected however I was able to put my nervousness to the side and keep their attention while giving a brief overview of the CUSP program. Part of CUSP’s role at this event was to conduct the 2nd round of the Marshmallow Challenge in the afternoon. Students were invited to partake in the challenge in the school’s library later that evening at 5:15.   We planned to have about 25 students show up for the challenge.


College orientations have very jammed packed and tight schedules. Students are often bombarded with more information than they expected. This coupled with an afternoon thunderstorm I was a bit disappointed that by 5:30 no students showed up for the challenge. Around 5:40 the campus faculty and I were discussing the weather and events of the day and agreed that it was a good effort on our part but sometimes Mother Nature calls the shots. My coworker Josh and I were just about to pack our materials up when we noticed a sea of students approaching the library ready to take the challenge. In shock and disbelief we knew that all of these students could not possibly be here for the CUSP event, but they were…


71 of the 223 freshmen students partook in the 2015 Marshmallow Challenge at SUNY Polytechnic this week.  As mentioned above we were expecting 25 students. We needed a few more tables from the library and the teams were larger than expected but the event was the largest and best challenge yet with 1/3rd of the incoming students engaged, working together, having fun and sharing ideas!!! Some of the pictures are attached. Hats off to the SUNY staff and students for their work and cooperation. For more information please contact us today!!!!DSC_1852DSC_1861DSC_1840