Academic Coaching For Students with Autism in Troy NY

Aspergers syndrome is an autism spectrum disorder that presents difficulty with social interaction and nonverbal cues. It is different from other autism spectrum disorders as it does not effect language or cognitive developments.

Aspergers Support Services Albany, NYDue to the differences in responses to social situations it is typical for individuals with aspergers to require additional assistance in their education. Every case of aspergers is unique and will require varying degrees of support.

CUSP Educational Services approaches every client as unique and varies in needed support. Support techniques such as effectively mapping out a stable and predictable schedule where the student feels comfortable, helps diminish any distress. We have found that doing this helps students overcome both educational and social difficulties. CUSP works tirelessly to ensure that each client develops manageable techniques for classroom learning as well as becoming more content with his or her quality of life. With our coaching methods students overcome many educational and social difficulties to be better prepared for college life and beyond.