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CUSP consulting services are designed to address the unique needs of each clients situation.  We understand that different environments invite different emotions and actions.  CUSP consulting services can provide both in-home and in-school observations to see the entire picture from an unbiased but trained eye.   We recognize that assessment drives not only instruction but also intervention and application.

Once enrolled in services we closely analyze the background and history of interventions, as well as previous methods used.  We collaborate with family members and support professionals to prioritize all applicable information and develop a specific, measurable plan for success.

This process allows us to create a very unique and individualized program.  One that addresses the discrepancies and concerns of the situation allowing individuals to improve their social, emotional and learning skills but also a plan that can be updated weekly to track progress and allow the student to own their experience.

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    “As a tutor for this program, I very much felt that Stephen Motto had an excellent handle on the needs of his students and worked hard to help the students be successful at all levels. Not only did he identify tutors for the students to work with, he monitored the students-tutor relationship, he regularly met

    March 28, 2015

  • CUSP Educational Services BBB Business Review

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