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College & University Support Programs or CUSP provides specific and individualized transition support to high school and college students.

The change from high school to college is often difficult for students and families.  All of the time that goes into training students to succeed in a traditional scholastic schedule fails to prepare students for higher education.  College students regularly have large gaps in their course schedules and filling this time productively can be a challenge.

CUSP assists students and families with transitional and executive functioning issues associated with college life. Organizing time properly, developing effective study and communication skills, and steps to build self-advocacy takes place before the semester even begins. This gives students a “roadmap” for the coming months.  CUSP staff meets with students twice a week to help keep them on track with their college experience.

Over time CUSP students are introduced effective strategies to apply for internships, research opportunities and employment.  Students are poised to confidently and competitively enter the work force upon graduation.  Many CUSP students enter college nervous, young, and inexperienced.  However, with individualized assistance from CUSP they graduate as focused and mature young professionals, eager to meet the needs of various employers and industry.

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    “As a tutor for this program, I very much felt that Stephen Motto had an excellent handle on the needs of his students and worked hard to help the students be successful at all levels. Not only did he identify tutors for the students to work with, he monitored the students-tutor relationship, he regularly met

    March 28, 2015

  • CUSP Educational Services BBB Business Review

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