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CUSP Educational Services

As students prepare for college there are always specific challenges at hand, especially for young adults with the added challenge of a learning disability or behavioral condition.  At CUSP Educational Services, we are one of the only college transition programs offering coaching support and transition services for students with unique needs. Our team can assist with the progress of your student starting with a behavioral consultation to assess areas of focus followed by a personal program uniquely designed to maximize academic and social potential.

Higher Education Transition Services

We teach how to problem solve. At CUSP, we are passionate about helping students achieve success in their academic social and professional pursuits, particularly those with learning disabilities or special needs. Of course, the transition to college or university can be difficult for any student, but oftentimes more challenging for those with specific learning differences. CUSP professionals have experience in assisting students with various diagnoses as well as students who just want to improve their skills.  We specialize in ADHD college support services as well as autism spectrum disorders support services.  It is our mission to give every student a well-deserved strategic plan to do great things in life.

 Special Needs Life Coaching

We help students achieve their goals. Our staff consists of highly trained special education professionals who are experts at providing students with the necessary tools to manage their time and develop effective study and communication skills. The college transition services and coaching services available at CUSP are designed especially for those with developmental disabilities, so no student ever has a disadvantage.

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    “Steve has seen me through the darkest days in my undergraduate program, and through the tunnel into the light of my graduate studies. As I prepare to apply for the doctoral program, I reflect on Steve’s uncanny knack for filling in my cognitive blanks. I sometimes can fix the world’s problems, but break down when

    March 28, 2015

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